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Test your will with this fun workout. Decide right away how many sets you are going to complete and finish strong You can easily adjust the exercises due to injury or difficulty. Push-ups can be done on the wall or knees. Burpees can be done without any jumping feet up or back. Challenge yourself but
Deck Of Cards (At Home)
Deck Of Cards workouts are super fun. Just grab a deck and a few friends and see how long it takes you to finish. All you need to do is the what the cards say. If you flip over an 8 of Clubs you do 8 reps of whatever exercise a Club is. In this

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RCF is a firm believer is community based fitness. We want to bring people together in our communities to build relationships while getting fit.

We have been teaching / coaching fitness in Edmonton for the past 8 years, and look forward to continuing to bring people together.

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Contact us regarding our programs and training options in Edmonton Alberta, Canada.

Phone:    (780) 916-5048

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