Our trainers can help boost your employee’s motivation, drive and enthusiasm as well as overall workplace morale and productivity with a program catered to differing fitness levels and needs.

It is well publicised that having healthy employees equal a happy and thriving workplace, which is why many companies are now finding it imperative to invest more resources into corporate wellness programs.

Our corporate program is no different to any other; we get your employees moving and they become fitter and healthy. Our point of difference is the quality of trainer and the quality of who we align ourselves with. We are the experts in movement and depending on what your company needs, we bring in other professionals in their field to deliver the best programs. It goes without saying that when people train together they stay together and it then translates to:

  • Lower numbers of absenteeism
  • Increased workplace morale and a sense of community
  • Improved productivity and focus
  • Lower levels of occupational stress
  • Higher staff retention

River City Fitness Corporate trainers can create a program tailored to your team’s goals whether it be improving fitness, nutrition, team bonding, or leadership.

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The consultation is a great way for you to get to know us while allowing us to learn how we can best start to customize your corporate fitness program.

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About Us


RCF is a firm believer is community based fitness. We want to bring people together in our communities to build relationships while getting fit.

We have been teaching / coaching fitness in Edmonton for the past 8 years, and look forward to continuing to bring people together.

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Contact us regarding our programs and training options in Edmonton Alberta, Canada.

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