What is Fitness Kickboxing?

We specialize in helping participants reach their fitness goals through the sport of kickboxing. Kickboxing is a competitive full contact sport, but, most people are attracted to fitness kickboxing for it’s fitness benefits, for learning self-defense, and to experience authentic kickboxing training without sparring. The cardiovascular, toning, conditioning, and motor skill enhancements gained make fitness kickboxing a tremendous workout.

The program will promote self-confidence; teach basics in self-defense and help individuals strive to attain personal fitness goals.

What's in a Class?


The class will start with a warm up cardio exercise of either air attack (shadow boxing) moves or a skipping workout.


  • Boxing Gloves
  • Heavy Bags
  • Focus Pads
  • Kick Shields

The participants/instructor will select partners with consideration for the opponents size (the partners will be of similar height, weight, fitness and skill level).  The session then moves into strike, kick and punch combination structured in 2 minute rounds to simulate a competitive match. Round timers signify the start and end of each round with a 30 to 60 second rest and water break. During each round, one partner will be the striker and one the defender/ pad holder. Each combination will be predetermined so that both partners are aware of and prepared for the routine.


All classes will conclude with strength, abdominal and back exercises followed by stretching.




RCF is a firm believer is community based fitness. I want to bring people together in our community to build relationships while getting fit.

I have been teaching / coaching fitness in Edmonton for the past 15 years, and look forward to continuing to bring people together.

Contact Info


Contact me regarding my programs and training options in Edmonton Alberta, Canada.

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