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If you’ve landed here, you are looking for help. You are looking for the motivation you need to work toward you goals, the guidance you need to get there, and the accountability you need to keep on track.

Whether your goal is permanent weight loss, muscle toning, strength building, or enhanced physical performance, our River City Fitness personal trainers will design a program that is tailored to your needs and will help you meet your fitness goals. Ultimately we want you to be successful so we work with you to ensure that happens.

We are very flexible and willing to meet you wherever is convenient and accessible for you. We have many options to help you  be successful in your short and long term goals. We offer personal one-on-one sessions and partner training. Training can be done in 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions.

After an initial consultation and detailed fitness assessment, you’ll be guided step-by-step through a workout designed specifically for you.. Our personal trainers will keep you on track, never push too hard and ensure you work out safely—helping you get the results you want.

About Us

To understand our philosophy it is important to understand our trainers. They will be the ones working closely with you towards your goals and objectives. Please take a moment and read about our trainers and how they will help you in your journey.


Our Gym

We have a fully equipped training studio to meet all your fitness needs. We are conveniently located in Southwest Edmonton.

Personal Training is all about you. It is an opportunity for one-on-one training with a fitness professional to maximize your results, support your goals, and focus on your success. There are many benefits to hiring a personal trainer:

  • Custom Programs – No cookie cutting here. A knowledgeable personal trainer will create a custom exercise program for you, designed to help you reach your unique health and fitness goals. A trainer will also take into account special considerations (e.g. existing medical condition, pregnancy, post-rehabilitation, medications taken, etc) when creating a program just for you.
  • Technique! Technique! – When exercising, safety is the number one priority. A personal trainer will teach you the proper mechanics of each exercise and will ensure that you are performing each with correct form, thus maximizing the efficiency of your workouts. We not only tell you how to do an exercise, we will tell you why you are doing it.
  • Motivation – Who wouldn’t like a little extra motivation? Having a scheduled session with a trainer promotes accountability. We expect your commitment, and are invested in your success. Your personal trainer will work to keep you motivated both at the gym and with your programs throughout the week. It’s about a lifestyle… not just a workout. They will work on your self-confidence and self-motivation.
  • Change IT UP!! – Believe it or not, exercising can be fun! A personal trainer can help you select activities that you enjoy, and also choose exercises that will keep you challenged and on track towards reaching your fitness goals. Personal trainers have vast knowledge of various exercises, tools and techniques that can make your workouts both fun and effective.

More details to come.

More details to come.

More details to come.

More details to come.

Book Your Consultation

Let River City Fitness help, book your complimentary consultation now. We will sit down with you and discuss your goals, your concerns, and create a plan that works for you.

  • You have children? We can make it work!
  • You have a busy career? We will find time!
  • You injured? We will work with you to build a recovery plan!
  • You nervous about trainers? We can answer any questions and put you at ease!

The consultation is a great way for you to get to know us while allowing us to learn how we can best start to customize your training program. This complimentary consultation will take about thirty minutes – just enough time for us to get an idea of how we can help meet your unique needs!


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About Us


RCF is a firm believer is community based fitness. We want to bring people together in our communities to build relationships while getting fit.

We have been teaching / coaching fitness in Edmonton for the past 8 years, and look forward to continuing to bring people together.

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Contact us regarding our programs and training options in Edmonton Alberta, Canada.

Phone:    (780) 916-5048
Email:     info@rivercityfitness.ca

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